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Discover how to start, run and grow your very own monthly income (recurring revenue) business.. by yourself.

FINALLY! Everything you need to create your very own monthly income (recurring revenue) program!


What is How To Be Set For Life Membership?

If you really want to be ‘Set For Life’ you’ll need to create a true “lifestyle” business, you need monthly, dependable income (aka “recurring revenue”).

Hi there!

Mark Huber here so let’s get real for a moment.

It’s great to be online and sell one-off products. Whether it’s an ebook, a course, a coaching session, or a physical e-commerce product. But you’re literally living sale-to-sale aka ‘hand to mouth’… Right?

Without monthly recurring revenue, you start the first of each month back at zero. You can’t accurately predict your future sales and you still have your monthly bills to pay… which leads to lots of stress. Right?

Well, just imagine for a moment that you add a membership program to your business. Now, you have a business with members or customers paying YOU each and every month (membership site, newsletter, subscription program, etc.), you now have dependable income…

You can run, manage and scale this too… even as a one-person business working from home (or my personal favourite virtual office… a coffee shop!).

‘How To Be Set For Life’ is a philosophy and set of blueprints to become your most trusted resource to teach you how to ethically create monthly income aka. ‘recurring revenue’.

You get all the support, training and advice you’ll ever need…from me; all in ONE place – right here!

You receive instant and unlimited streaming access to ‘step-by-step’ trainings and master classes and real-world case-studies with people… just like you… who have turned their ideas into monthly recurring revenue.

The information inside this members site is presented as a combination of video, audio and pdf files so that you can learn using the content that best suits your learning style!

Sound good? Want in?

Well, here’s the good news!

Special Introductory Offer Available ONLY for the first 50 ‘charter members’ Or 24 November, 2017 (whichever comes first)

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Recurring Revenue = How To Be Set For Life!

The beauty of a digital “recurring revenue” business is you can run it by yourself.

#1. Dependable monthly income!
#2. Work from anywhere
#3. Work when you want
#4. Solo – you can run it by yourself (goodbye headaches!)
#5. Worldwide.. members can join no matter where they live. You are not limited by geography
#6. Scalable – there’s no different whether you are serving 10 or 1,000 members
#7. Sellable – businesses with recurring revenue sell for up to 10X earnings
#8. Low overhead – all you need is a wifi connection!
#9. Fun! Build a business around your ideas, passions and hobbies

There truly is no better business model in the world. And ‘How To Be Set For Life’ is dedicated to helping you build the business of your dreams. No hype and no fluff.


Here’s what’s already ‘in the vault’ for you…

Quick Start Guides (Videos):

“How To Create A Membership Site In 5 Minutes”

“How To Get Paid Even Before You Create A Product Or Service”

“How To Create A Lead Magnet In 30 Minutes”

“Everything I Learned (about FB Ads) Spending $3 Million” [featuring Noah Kagan]


“How To Leverage Your FB Live For Increased Reach And Audience”

“9 Proven Strategies For Generating Fast (Emergency) Cash Now – Masterclass”

“How To Start A $500 Per Hr Coaching Program”

“How To Build Your Brand In 7 Days”

“How Not To Feel Like A Fraud In Your Business”


Here’s a little taste of what’s going to be coming your way…

Build Your Own Membership Site
Membership sites are a great way to turn your ideas, content and passion into monthly, recurring revenue. Yes, people do pay for private content and community. Whether you’re the “expert” OR you’d rather “curate” other people’s content – we’ll show you how to create your own profitable membership site… from start to finish!

Create Premium Coaching Groups
Do you have a special expertise? Do you love helping people? If so, why not run your own coaching group? Coaching groups are a great way to build recurring revenue… at higher prices. And it’s easy to start because you can create a powerful coaching community within Facebook!

Self-Publish Profitable Newsletters
The world is become more specialized and it’s a perfect time to create a niched newsletter. Whether it’s digital or print – you can self-publish a high-value newsletter in everything from health and marketing to investing and real estate. You’ll see how to create your own newsletter empire with lots of recurring revenue!

Discover The Simple ‘Growth Hacks’ to GET Members (aka “traffic”)
Once your site is up, it’s time to fill it with paid members. Everything from video marketing (YouTube and Facebook Live!) to Facebook ads.. and advanced ‘growth hacks… all will be coming your way. We add at least 1 new ‘hack’ a week!

Learn How to Retain Your Members
When successfully applied — concepts like gamification, personalization and exclusivity will always keep your customers coming back for more. This is important when you realize that 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your current customers

So, I want to teach you How To Be Set For Life with monthly recurring revenue income!

Are you coming?

Become a ‘charter member’ for only $1 per Day!

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If you want to be part of the ‘IN’ crowd and you believe as I do

“The best way to predict your future is to create it….”

then I look forward to seeing you on the ‘inside’!


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“Our mission is to teach, support and empower people as they transform their lives!”

What You Are Saying…

“You are unique in your profession with a desire to think outside of the box and the patience and expertise to walk me through the many choices. It’s a pleasure working with you and certainly rewarding.” K. S., Vancouver, BC

“Thanks for your guidance and advice Mark. Our biggest regret is that we did not make the changes that we have made under you years ago!”
Craig and Michele Vancouver, BC

“Having known Mark Huber for many years, I can attest to his integrity and the value of the information he is offering. Don’t hesitate to delve into the wealth of information he has organized and put it into practice. Your only regret will be not having done so earlier – much earlier.”
J.Z. Woodinville, Washington

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