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12 Reasons Why You Will Not Become Wealthy

1. You never decide and really specifically define what wealth means for you. The keyword here is specifically. Can you imagine how hard it would be to build a house without making a blueprint or sketch drawing of it first?

You have to know what your target is before you go chasing after it.

2. You make wealth a moving target instead of a fixed one (this is related to point one above). Once you have your target, fix it. Don’t change it until you reach it. You must accomplish each step, celebrate, and then set course for a new step, a new target.

3. You define it in a way that seems unreachable. You only achieve what you believe. No more, no less. So you must make it believable for you. Set goals that will make you move forward and stretch, but not too high that even you yourself don’t believe you can.

Take the biggest step you believe you can, achieve it, then take the next biggest you believe you can. This will build positive reinforcement in your self-confidence as well.

4. You never start. Ok, this is obvious. If you keep thinking about it forever, it will forever remain in the thought level. You have to act! Start somewhere, anywhere! Only after you start
do you begin to get some feedback which will help you plot your course better.

A rocket has to take of first before it starts to adjust its course towards its intended destination.

You must start, somewhere, anywhere, doesn’t matter, just start! Act!

5. You never make it a must. Making it a must means marshaling all your intent, your will, your direction, into one singular flow that is directed towards your goal. All obstacles are
viewed as challenges to be overcome. You will meet obstacles, and so expect it, but also expect to move forward anyways. Use your obstacles to develop strength and skills, don’t run away. Find out how to go past them. Find out!

There is always a way, always. And if your emotions are acting against your desire, embrace them, learn what they are, know yourself, but keep moving forward. Make it a must, and it will happen. Guaranteed. You don’t know in how many steps it will take, but you know it will happen.

6. You don’t have a realistic plan. If you want to do something, find out how it is done from someone who has done it before.

Make a realistic plan.

Copy from those who have succeeded before you. But don’t throw away your intuition. Your intuition is
extremely powerful once you learn how to listen to it with practice.

7. You never follow through on the plan. Well, if you don’t follow the plan, who will?

8. You give responsibility to others (‘experts’) instead of to yourself. This way, you never really learn how to do it, and if there are failures you never learn why the failures happened and
so you are bound to repeat them. It is important to get advice, but at some point you are going to have to shoulder some of the work yourself. At least understand it yourself even if you will
delegate the actual doing.

9. You give up when you face challenges. Going through the challenges is what has made people rich, not giving up. Look, there are always challenges. So get used to that. You will only
get where you wish to get to if you are willing to face the challenges along the path.

All challenges are opportunities dressed in work clothes.

Remember that!

After the challenge is over, you will discover the amazing fruit it held for you.

10. You fail to conduct your life as a business. You never ensure that you make a profit year by year. Review the personal finance package you use. You will need to have budgets and cash flow statements for your personal finances (You Inc.). It is easy with many of the software programs out there.

In fact many of them are free! If you don’t keep records and track, you won’t know when you are making or losing money until it is embarrassingly too late.

You allow other people’s ideas to affect your decisions unreasonably. There will always be people who don’t believe in your way, or who are pessimistic and who try to pull you down.

In fact, they will sometimes be your closest friends and family. You cannot change that – they have a right to be who they are. It is OK.

Allow them their thoughts, don’t judge them for that, but don’t feel obligated to accept their thoughts or to follow their way.

Don’t allow other people, now or from the past to unreasonably affect your decisions. Allow them their way, and you live your way!

12. You don’t get quality coaching. This is extremely important!

Coaching is simply getting mentored by someone who has succeeded wildly in the area of your interest. Get coaching! Our education system hardly equips us for real life, so don’t assume that
because you went to college you are properly equipped. Hardly.

You need to keep learning.

The most successful people attend seminars, read books, join mastermind groups and clubs, find
mentors, network, and even hire expensive personal coaches to make sure they succeed.

Now, how many of these reasons can you identify with?

Well, now that you see the reasons, you now can look at yourself and make sure that you don’t follow ways that are known to not lead to wealth.

Follow what works and it will work.

And don’t forget to enjoy yourself along the way.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t wait for the Perfect Moment this year…(The secret that most successful people keep to themselves)

How many perfect moments did you have last year? One? Maybe two? While timing is important in life very often we need to make the best of the situation we find ourselves in.

The perfect opportunity, the perfect conditions and the perfect moment may never exist so we need to take action now.

The most successful people in the world approach life with a very dynamic attitude. They create their world making use of THEIR resources and the resources available to them. They donot waste time waiting for the perfect moment.

The truth is you will never be 100% ready for new challenges. At some point you have to trust in yourself and give it your very best regardless of the results. As long as you are always learning and growing you will get there in the end.

And you will move ahead before the people who are still sitting there waiting for the perfect day when they will be completely ready.

Some days you might argue that you don´t feel up to it or that you need more energy before you can get stuck in.

Be honest with yourself!

Are you making excuses? Are you waiting for the perfect day? You will never be completely ready physically, emotionally and mentally all at the same time.

As one of my mentors once said to me, ‘if you wait until you are ready it´ll be too late’.

You are a unique work in progress; you are always changing and always maturing. You will always have more to learn and you will always be able to look back and notice how you could have been better.

That is just the way it is!

And if you wait too long any enthusiasm you once had for your goals will fizzle away. You will do nothing at all. Instead you will have a life of regrets.

Last year is already over. If you let things slide like you did last year we will be having the same conversation in 12 months time. How much will that hurt?

All you need to do is unlock your personal motivation style – the step by step formula that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Do that and this year will be the year you took control of your life and felt secure and at peace like never before.

Now imagine how good you will feel about yourself.

So, remember…this year…begin to…”Just do it!”

You have nothing to lose and the gains could be, well…priceless!

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