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76 Reasons Why Investors Could Have Avoided the Stock Market

1926 Joseph Stalin ruled as dictator of USSR
1927 German economy collapsed
1928 “Roaring 20s” pushed stock market to new highs
1929 “Black Tuesday”-stock market crashed
1930 Hawfey-Smoot Tariff Act
1931 Unemployment rate soared; U.S. banks collapsed
1932 Dow hit Depression-era low
1933 Hitter named German chancellor – Nazi terror began
1934 Depression continued
1935 Labor union strikes
1936 Spanish Civil War began
1937 Recession
1938 Hitler annexed Austria
1939 World War II began
1940 Fall of France
1941 Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor
1942 Price controls Initiated – shortage of consumer goods
1943 Detroit race riots
1944 D-Day – Allied forces invaded Normandy
1945 Post-war recession predicted
1946 Cold War began
1947 “Red Scare” revisited
1948 Berlin blockade
1949 USSR detonated atomic bomb
1950 Korean War began
1951 Excess income and profits tax
1952 Steel labor dispute – U.S. seized mills
1953 USSR detonated hydrogen bomb
1954 Stock market reached new highs
1955 President Eisenhower suffered heart attack
1956 Suez Canal crisis
1957 USSR launched Sputnik satellite
1958 Recession
1959 Castro became dictator of Cuba
1960 USSR shot down U-2 spy plane
1961 Berlin Wall built
1962 Cuban missile crisis
1963 President Kennedy assassination
1965 Civil rights demonstrations
1966 Vietnam War escalated
1967 Six-Day War in Middle East
1968 Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination
1969 Money tightened – stock market declined
1970 U.S. Invaded Cambodia
1971 Wage-price freeze
1972 Watergate scandal began
1973 Arab oil embargo – oil prices tripled
1974 President Nixon resigned from office
1975 Fall of Saigon
1976 Economy still struggled
1977 Stock market slumped
1978 Interest rates rose
1979 Iran hostage crisis – oil prices skyrocketed
1980 Hunt brothers silver market crisis
1981 Interest rates remained elevated
1982 Worst recession in 40 years
1983 U.S. invaded Grenada
1984 AIDS virus Identified
1985 Economic growth slowed
1986 U.S. bombed Libya; Iran-Contra affair broke
1987 “Black Monday” – stock market crashed
1988 U.S. Savings & Loan crisis peaked
1989 U.S. invaded Panama
1990 Persian Gulf War
1991 Global recession
1992 ERM U.K. currency crisis
1993 Great Midwest Floods in U.S.
1994 Mexican Peso collapsed
1995 Oklahoma City bombing
1996 Greenspan warned of “irrational exuberance”
1997 Asian financial crisis
1998 Russian default; White House sex scandal
1999 Y2K fears; Dow reached 11,000 for First time
2000 Money tightened – Dot-corn bubble burst
2001 Terrorist attacks on World Trade Towers and Pentagon

Meanwhile, the S&P 500 Index had an annual compounded total return of 10.7%
(through 12/31/2001).

A hypothetical $10,000 investment made on 1/1/1926 would have been worth $24,971,887 on 12/31/2001.

Year after year, people think of reasons why they should not invest in the stock market.

And over time, the stock market outperforms virtually all other investment opportunities.

Can you afford to wait?

(Data sources: and SSP Micropal. Inc.)

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Below is additional evidence that goes down – does go back up!

Markets Rebound After Declines

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