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The wealthy are trying to stay rich while earning a decent and competitive return

I felt that this was newsworthy enough to let you know about…

In April 2008, U.S. Trust Company released its Survey of Affluent Americans XXVI. (This is the 26th annual edition).

The full survey has its own website, and is very well worth reading in its entirety.

However, some of the more interesting facts are:

85% said that their portfolio returns met (45%) or exceeded (40%) their expectations (now 2007 was an OK year though not a barn-burner. Yet rich people seemed more than content).

When asked for their target equity return assumptions going forward, the average estimate for domestic equities was 8.85%, and for international equities 9.66%. (Certainly a far cry from the responses of performance maniacs.)

These findings tend to confirm an eternal truth…

Wealthy people aren’t trying to get rich – they already are rich.

They’re simply trying to stay rich while earning a decent, competitive return.

You can check out some of the surveys highlight here at:

For the rest of us who are aspiring to become wealthy the lessons that I take away from this are:

You don’t have to continually try to “hit it out of the park” with your investments…

Just get on base and methodically move around the bases – and soon you will be home!

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