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Killing Sacred Cows – Videos

Killing Sacred Cows – Overcoming the Financial Myths that are Destroying YOUR Prosperity!

What you do not know may be hurting you…

Producer vs. Consumer (Video)
The “Consumer Condition” and the “Producer Paradigm.
What areas of your life to you feel empowered and what areas do you feel enslaved?

Balance Sheets (Video)
Financial balance sheets and Human Life Value balance sheets.
Both are similar, but yield very different results.

The Velocity of Money (Video)

Questions to Consider When Investing
When making the decision to get involved in a particular investment,
there are many questions that can help you make a wise decision.

Average vs. Actual Returns (Video)
How do the average returns differ from the actual returns we may experience,
and why should you care?

Tax Brackets (Video)
What is the impact of tax brackets on your retirement?
“The Retirement Lies We Tell Ourselves.”

What Should I Insure? (Video)
Why do you have insurance? What are you really protecting?
Find the real purpose of insurance.

401(k) Plans (like our RRSPs) (Video)
This video explains more about the 401k plans and why they can be detrimental.

401(k) Part 2 (like our RRSPs) (Video)
Looking at the 401(k) in a different way that you may not have thought about.

The Broke Millionaire Part 1 (Video)
Does having millions of dollars really make someone wealthy?
The Answer may surprise you!

The Broke Millionaire Part 2 (Video)
This is the second part of the “Broke Millionaire” videos.

“Million Dollar Ideas” (Video)
The “Idea Optimizer.” How can you take your million dollar ideas to the marketplace?

Glossary of Terms (Video)
This glossary defines many of the terms used in Killing Sacred Cows

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About the Author

Garrett B. Gunderson became a millionaire by the age of 26 and has dedicated his life to teaching others the same economic principles that he has lived by.

A passionate, natural-born entrepreneur, Garret began his first business at the age of 15 and immediately began winning business competitions throughout the state of Utah, including the
SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. He began a career in financial services at the age of 19 while attending Southern Utah University.

He became an advisor to many of his college professors, and also became the youngest member to be placed on the Alumni Board of the University.

Garrett Gunderson and associates have created various companies and educational tools to help clients maximize their productivity and increase their wealth, health, success, and happiness.

Feel free to visit him at:

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