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Financial adviser checklist

I have created an Excel spreadsheet that will assist you with gathering much of the following…

Your “Set For Life” – Starter Kit

(just “right click” and “save as” to your computer)

Financial adviser checklist

What to bring to your meeting:

* A notepad and pen for taking notes

* Statements of any current investments

* A recent pay stub

* A recent mortgage statement

* Insurance plan policies and account numbers of current investments

* Identification

* Past tax returns and Notices of Assessment

* A list of your investment objectives

* Your thoughts about your risk tolerance

* Your bank account statement

* Your cheque book (voided cheques are required to set up any pre-authorized cheque withdrawals)

A list of questions for the advisor, such as:

* How much should I contribute to my RRSP each year?
* What asset allocation do you recommend for me? And Why?
* What rate of return should I reasonably expect from my portfolio?

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