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On A Lighter Note

I just couldn’t resist. I know it’s tacky – but true!

Have you ever felt really down after a tough day?

Laughter is a proven remedy for that!

Not only that – but it is cheaper than a bottle of wine and less guilt-inducing than a box of chocolates…


Have A Laugh On Me!

This evening my wife and I went to “The Queen Elizabeth Theatre” to watch Robin Williams…

He was even funnier than when we last saw him at “The Orpheum” 4 years ago!

He loves Vancouver and really played to the crowd…2 hours of his frenetic, non stop humour left me feeling like a limp dishrag – but in a good way!

I was laughing from the tips of my toes to the top of my head…and then some!

It was the best $145 a ticket that I have ever spent!

I, like many in the audience “grew up” with Robin Williams from his 1970’s “Mork and Mindy” show days…

I have included a couple of his “pirated” video snippets below…


And remember: Don’t take life to seriously!

Life is to be lived, and loved and to be made fun of!

And who better than to remind us of this than – Robin Williams…

Robin Williams –

Robin Williams – “On Golf” – 2.22 min.



Recently my wife and I saw comedian Russell Peters live at “The River Rock” Theatre here in Richmond!

Why am I telling you this and why should you care?

Because I wanted to pass along what I learned to you…

The essence of his 2 hour non stop comedy routine was this:

“Love live – live life and laugh at life”!


Because it’s good for you!

Listening to a good comedian forces you to see things in a different way…

Listening to a comedian in a theatre that is jam packed with people says to me that no matter what ethnic background or social level any of us are – we love to laugh -and don’t do it nearly enough!

Listening to a good comedian makes you laugh till the tears roll down your checks…

Leaving the theatre feeling happy and carefree reminded me that much of the time we all take life and it’s events too seriously…

It’s time to “lighten up”!

In my profession, I deal with people’s money and their hopes and dreams for a better and more fulfilling life.

These are worthy and serious aspirations.

However, let’s lighten up and find humor and laughter now and along the journey together…

People will love you more for it…You will have more fun…you will live longer…

This is where the financial planning aspect comes in…

If you are going to be living longer – you surely don’t want to outlive your money so you better pay attention to that as well…

How about – “Laughing all the way to the bank!”

That takes care of both of things at once.

So lets make a promise to won’t take ourselves so seriously from now on!

Yes, we live in a world with serious issues and we are often stressed!

However, let’s all make a pact to take a “mental health break” at least 3 times a day…

Laugh out loud – you will surprise yourself at how good it feels.

In fact, let’s start right now…take a look as some samples of what I saw last night.

Living here in Richmond – this bit really hit home…

Russell Peters – Be A Man – 3 min.

Russell Peters – The Whole World is Mixing – 3 min.

Russell Peters – Accents – 4 min.

Well, how do you feel now?

Are your sides still hurting from laughing?

One of the most read sections of “The Readers Digest” is still: “Laughter is the best medicine”…

Now take your dose of funny and laugh – you will feel better immediately!

Make a concerted effort to get out and see some comedians live…Or at least watch the comedy channel on TV…

If you can’t make any of that…there is a fall election in the works for us Canadians – I’ll bet that there will be allot of comedic stuff going on…

Continuing on…

Why you may be asking is a financial planner putting comedy videos on a Website?

Well now, that is a good question…

If I told you that I really truly want you to “live long and prosper” – is that so wrong?

Of course not!

So, I will continue to showcase the very best comedy for you here!

So that you (and I) will enjoy a very long, healthy, happy life filled with the joys of accomplishment and wonderful “laugh lines” on our faces…all brought about by humor and continually growing investment portfolios!

Jeff Foxworthy

One of my favorite comedians is Jeff Foxworthy, with his signature – “You May Be A Redneck”…shtick.

For example: If you have ever financed a tattoo…well, you may just be a “redneck”…

Jeff Foxworthy – Fashion Tips for “Rednecks” – (8.33 min)

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