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Here’s A Sampling Of What Some Have Said Already…

Client Audio Testimonial

Listen in to what one of my clients said recently about me and the financial planning process…
“Planning Makes Perfect” interview with K. S.

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Client Written Testimonials

Hi Mark,

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your online articles and tools immensely.
Especially the Smith Manouever video that described things in a way that was much easier to understand than all the written articles I had read previously.

Now I intend to put your info and tools to use in my particular situation.

Richard, Vancouver BC


Thanks for your guidance and advice Mark.

Our biggest regret is that we did not make the changes that we have made under you years ago!

Craig and Michele
Vancouver, BC

Dear Mark,

I want to thank you for the guidance you have given me with regards to my investments. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that my investments had not lost as much as I would have thought, and that is due to your wisdom and ability to match investments to your clients. I appreciate your assistance.

Thank you

Langley, BC

I wanted to simply say thank you.

For the longest time I had directed money into various places and hoped that I could retire comfortably.

The problem was that I didn’t really understand how that would happen – no one took the time to explain nor did they care about my goals. I was merely a small portfolio in a large firm.

Then an associate of mine suggested I call you. I was so impressed with our initial meeting that choosing you as my advisor was natural.

You are unique in your profession with a desire to think outside of the box and the patience and expertise to walk me through the many choices.

It’s a pleasure working with you and certainly rewarding.

K. S.
Vancouver, BC

Hi Mark;
Can’t remember the year my wife and I attended a meeting you put on one evening at a school in Surrey, but it is at least 10 years ago.

While there were a couple of bumps in the road, in the early years, we never questioned your honesty or integrity during that time and chose to stick with you, which has proved to be fortuitous in the intervening years.

Thank you for spending the time and effort on our behalf.

Even though my wife recently passed away, I see no reason to change the Financial Advisor that has served us well these many years.

V (and A) L
Surrey, BC

Dear Mark:
Both my wife and I are very happy with what you have done for us over the past years.

We have faith that over the long term we’ll be able to ride out the ups and downs and retire happily with the lifestyle we desire.

Your e-books are informative and easy to read.

They also provide me with some comfort that you truly understand and believe what you tell us.


G and C
Langley, BC

Hi Mark,
Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that in the midst of this market turmoil that I am hearing about on the news and among almost everyone around me, I sit back and enjoy the knowledge that my investments that I have made through you over the years are not only safe, but showing shockingly excellent rates of appreciation, year after year.

I am confident that, since I am in this for the long term, my investments will continue to grow, and will provide a tidy not-so-little nest egg when the time comes to retire.

I know this not only from what you have told me many times, but also from the historical references you provide me with in your newsletters, not to mention my own experience with you.

My wife and I both agree that hooking up with you five years ago has been the best and most fruitful financial decision we have ever made, other than buying our house!

I recommend you to people I talk to every chance I get, and will continue to do so as long as you’re in business to help people make money.

You not only invest money for people, you provide a lot of great information and advice, and your numerous books and papers (all free) can help anyone who takes the time to read them.

Thanks for everything, Mark!


H and R
Burnaby, BC

To whom it may concern:
Most of us trust our car mechanic, family doctor, postman, but somehow we decide to manage our financial affairs ourselves.

We spend a lot of time reading, researching and making doubtful decisions.

Everyone can go on internet and buy some stocks or mutual funds.

Information today is basically free, but know-how is priceless.

You can buy all the tools you need to fix your teeth, but would you do it yourself?

If your financial well being is important to you, talk to great financial planner – Mark Huber.

It is your map to financial stability.

Sincerely yours,


Hi Mark,

I was doing a little number crunching over the weekend with our portfolio that you put together for us earlier this year.

Then by way of a comparison, I ran the numbers from the old portfolio that the last advisory firm had us in prior to working together with you and your firm.

I found a difference of $6,159.34.

Higher – in our favor!

I would just like to take this opportunity to again state that both of us are extremely happy for making the move over to you.

I always follow my gut and it told me from the beginning that this was the right move.

Thank you Mark!


Mark & Yvonne
Burnaby, BC

Hi Mark,
This thank you is very overdue –

I was thinking back and realize that we’ve been working together since about 1992!

I’ve been so comfortable discussing financial issues with you, and feel like I’ve really learned a lot from you in the past fifteen years.

When I look at how far I’ve come financially in that time frame, I really can’t believe it. I would never have done it without your help; I would have probably saved some money, put some in an RRSP, worked hard to pay off my mortgage, just like my parents did.

I’ve been so happy since our last meeting, realizing that ‘freedom 55’ is not a fantasy, but a very real option for me. Plus, not just to retire, but to retire in the way that I want to – free to travel, golf, live where I want. It is a really great feeling, and it wouldn’t have happened if I’d gone along the same financial pathway that my parents did.

Thanks again – I look forward to many more years of working with you and ensuring that the winter golf getaways are always financially possible!

Abbotsford, BC

Hi Mark,
Here are a few sentences you may wish to use for your testimonials:

We have been working with you for quite a number of years, and we have always found you to be trustworthy and helpful, which is high praise from people who tend to be “suspicious” of financial types.

As well, we passed on your name to our parents – a true compliment.

We enjoy our relationship, and we appreciate your advice to push us out of our rather staid “comfort zone” towards financial opportunities to benefit our situation.

We appreciate your timely meetings and your willingness to fit to our schedule, and we look forward to our continued happy and successful relationship in the coming years.

C & D T
North Vancouver, BC

Dear Mr. Huber

I started subscribing to your email a few weeks ago.

Honestly, I think you are a breath of fresh air! Your content is so pertinent, timely and right on the money.

I have learned a lot and in some cases was already applying some of the principals that you teach.

Your emails are not just hype, like so many others, but are in fact full of substance and come with a Canadian (finally!) perspective.

Thank you so much for making the effort to write these emails and share your expertise. I think you are doing important work and wanted to let you know.

Best regards

Hi Mark,

Best wishes!
You know I am a greatly appreciative client and would be facing a less secure future without your advice. You work hard for your clients and are always available, no matter what our concerns are. Thanks for being there! You are the first person I would call if I won the lottery – even before my own mother.

Richmond, BC

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Dear Mark,

We just wanted to say that we are very happy with your financial advice and the services you offer.

You always respond to us quickly and thoroughly on all our inquiries and we always feel that you given priority to all our requests – big and small.

Thank you for helping us to look at our investments in a creative and effective way.

It is a pleasure working with you and we definitely recommend your services to all our friends/family looking for good financial advice to ‘make their money move’!

L and A
Vancouver, BC

A chemical burn survivor speaks out on what Mark Huber’s’ Ecourses “The UnCanadian Way To Create Wealth” and “21 Days To Success” has done for him.

Hello Mark:
I am so glad to have the opportunity to say a humble “Thank you” and want others to know your courses are pure gold nuggets!!

I found your content to be EXACTLY what I was looking for — helping me “start over” on the right track after losing more than 2 years of my life (physically, emotionally and psychologically) during
my recovery.

You must always keep searching for the answers you need… and Mark has provided that.

Your courses struck deep, lifting me to ‘go forward not backward’ as I repeatedly read each lesson these past months (even now!). There is allot of wisdom here.

I found your material to be reading me instead of me reading it; while helping and guiding at the same time.

You are someone I know I can turn to for trusted guidance with the services you provide and will be doing so in the near future.

I thank you.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Mark truly does bring fresh ideas to building wealth and eliminating debt.

Who knew this was possible, I didn’t.

You won’t get this kind of information from your own banker or financial planner.

Thanks Mark.

Michael Edworthy
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It’s Massive and so easy.

…I feel like I’ve found a buried treasure.

Hi Mark,
As a Canadian, I know how hard it is to find accurate, applicable information about personal financial matters. I just learned how to make my mortgage tax-deductible from your teleseminar… and the next day I talked to my bank and I’m changing my mortgage!

As a student of personal development, the key is finding information that is clear, accurate and easy-to-apply. And that’s exactly what you’ve done for Canadians.

I’m going through your ebook right now and I feel like I’ve found a buried treasure.

A. M.
Toronto, ON

…I felt as if my whole life had suddenly changed.

Hi Mark,
For the first time in years, I feel secure about my financial situation.

When we met for coffee I was feeling quite hopeless, having such a large line of credit and credit card debts and thinking that re-mortgaging all that would only make matters worse with all the interest that would be incurred over the years.

By the time we finished coffee I felt as if my whole life had suddenly changed.

Your clear explanation of how the mortgage can become a good debt, and your patience in answering my many questions were most re-assuring.

Thank you so much. For the first time I feel in control of my finances.

Not only do I no longer feel the burden of debt, but believe I’m actually in a good position financially.

Burnaby, BC

“Hi Mark, We just received our September 30/05 portfolio figures. Pretty nice!

You really have taken the stress and worry away for us. We’re very pleased. Our lives are very low key compared to mainland people but we like it…

I must tell you, you said something at the beginning of the year that started me painting – have a dream-aim for it-plan-and it’s yours. I studied, went to workshops, met other struggling artists and joined the Local Art Society. I showed several pieces in the Fall Art Show.

What a thrill – thanks for your help with the life skills.”

Pender Island, BC

Hi Mark,
Just wanted to say that we have noticed that our portfolio is in much better shape since you took it over so a big thank you is in order!…

Anyway – thanks again for your guidance with our portfolio!

West Vancouver, B.C.

…this is the beginning of a very successful journey into our future!

Hi Mark,
We just wanted to take this time to let you know how much we have appreciated our meetings with you.

You have done a lot of hard work and spent a lot of time with us and we are very happy with the warm and friendly service you have offered.

We really feel that you are working hard with our best interest at heart, and that means a lot.

We both agree that we have finally found what we have been looking for in a financial planner.

We’re confident that this is the beginning of a very long and successful journey into our future.

Thank you again for all your hard work and the lovely gift basket.

We look forward to our next meeting.

Best Regards,

Dave & Charlene
Nanaimo, BC

Hello Mark,
This note of thanks is long overdue. What a godsend you have been.

How I wish I had someone with your professionalism and care about my finances when I first started working and saving!! I won’t dwell on that.

I appreciate your patience and suggestions at each of our meetings and feel more assured and confident that I have left my financial plans in capable hands.

Thank you also for your friendship, trust and kindness over the years Mark, and your total commitment in making me feel good and safe about my personal finances.

Believe it or not, I am now finally really taking ‘some’ time and interest about my future plans, again thanks to you.


Vancouver, BC

Hello Mark,
Just a note to say we appreciate you making life a lot easier for us. Our recent portfolios show growth while we enjoy a monthly income.

Thanks for making it all possible.

Cheers from Pender Island, BC

Gus and Bea
Pender Island, BC

FREE mini series! Discover the “Set For Life” Way To Create Wealth

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Hi Mark
After our last meeting I felt supported as well as confident that the decisions discussed were good ones for me personally.

Thank you for your efforts.

Burnaby, B.C.

Hi Mark.
I totally value you and the insight and compassion you share.

Both my husband and I are grateful to have you in our lives.

Thanks so much……

Burnaby, BC

Hi, Mark:

This is just a little note to thank you for your patience and good humor when helping me to make decisions about my finances. Since I placed my trust in you and your good advice, I no longer worry about my monthly savings.

Thought you might like to know that – and also to know that I appreciate your professional attitude.

Here’s to success for both of us.

Richmond, BC

…thank you for the great information

There is no question really! This is great stuff.

I want to thank you for all the excellent info you’ve sent my way this past short while.

It comes at the perfect time it seems.

My parents happen to be looking to buy an income property shortly and have high hopes for their financial future.

I am of course very happy for them as they had suffered some unexpected set backs a number of years ago, landing them well below what was the lifestyle they had previously enjoyed and been accustomed to.

Although I know they are heading in the right direction I can’t help but find certain money/wealth management concepts and opinions they hold, significantly outdated or just plain backwards.

So, I am enjoying this info as it seems to be for the most part supporting some of my opinions ( which of course they would hear nothing about ). As I am able to forward the readings to them and allow them to evaluate for themselves a professional opinion on the matter.

I can’t really blame them for not wanting to take my advice. I did loose my income property due to some bad/uninformed business decisions. It is really a matter of them not knowing the whole story. And of course, being as it is all bad news, not wanting to hear of their son’s misfortunes in greater detail
than necessary. As I am sure it pains them to see me struggle.

So, again, thank you for the great information. Allowing my parents and I to re-open the lines of communication in regards to some of life’s most important financial decisions.

It is very much appreciated.

Ontario, Canada

I am very thankful to have Mark help me.

As a novice investor I appreciate his patience and his true desire to help people.

Mark strives to improve his knowledge in order to provide the best information possible.

Thank you!

Langly, BC

I’ve got to tell you, that it’s comments like these which give me great satisfaction and pride in what we do.

As a financial planner, I truly believe that our role is to make real and meaningful changes in peoples lives.

My clients share the following 4 characteristics:

They are responsible
They are open to new ideas
They can make decisions.
They sincerely wish to create a meaningful and financially rewarding life for themselves and their families…

Here’s To Your Success,

Mark Huber, CFP

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We would really love to hear about it!

And let us share your comments with the world – We’ll post it here as well!

Now, ready – set – GO!

“Join the Discussion!”

“Let us know what you think. Or offer your own sage advice.”

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